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Lively Foundation


We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe that every young woman who has a dream should have the resources and support to chase them into vibrant reality. Lively Foundation is happy to be leading the way into the future for all young women to showcase their heart by building inspiring businesses that make massive impact on local communities. We’ve created three scholarships so far to help these woman-owned businesses and those inspiring to be a female CEO. 

We're happy to have you here, sharing that vision with us. 

Our mission photo - supporting women
Our vision photo for supporting women and girls

Our Vision

Imagine 30 new women bringing heart-centered businesses being launched in 2024. Our signature program has a new name called “ Rising of the Crown” formerly called “ Lively Emerging Leaders”, we help create, build and support new businesses and help pre-existing businesses to scale and grow. We would love to offer FREE services and award tuition-free scholarships,  but right now, we are currently offering limited free and reduced pricing for this program.

How much good could we generate with your help? This is the vision that Lively Foundation has for this year. We know you're ready to help us see this into reality! Thank you for supporting us.

We Know You're Ready To Help!

Women PWR

Empowering women to start their own online business. It is our mission to build the next generation of female CEO’s and small business owners.


Phone: 903-751-5126

Registered Charity: Texas 501c3

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