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You Won’t Believe This

You might not believe me now, when I say that you’re shine is Fearlessly Brilliant but I promise I see it. You might be broken now, with tears streaming down your face and crying out for something better. Know that the answer is coming and when you demand better for yourself you are always answered with YES! The Universe is constantly conspiring in your favor. I don’t care how lonely you feel you’re never alone and I see you. Even behind your glassy eyes I see the fire there. The Lioness inside you is growling at me, asking me to help you set her free. You’re a force of nature, my sister. Its time to Rise.

I’m Addison Culp and this is me extending my hand to you to step into your full Brilliancy. I didn’t understand my gift for much of my life but as an adult I have come to understand exactly what my purpose is. I came to this planet to help you have the courage to grab a torch and set ablaze all the cages of fear and expectation that have kept you small for so long. I want to see you standing there soaking in the chaotic brilliance that comes when you step into your power, you are limitless and you are worth it.

I do this a few different ways.

Photography was the start for me. I have this way of capturing the energy of someones soul in a new way. The highest praise I have ever received is “Wow, I never like myself in photos but I loves these that you did of me!” If you are in the Nashville are or are traveling through and need assistance with photos that really capture the brilliant essence of who you are, feel free to contact me.

Young Living Essential Oils was the second business I started on my own. I started because I had already been obsessed with essential oils, but they didn’t do much for me other than smell good. I then learned about the power of Manifestation when I took a course that used Essential Oils, The Moon, and Manifestation together. I bought my starter kit with a gorgeous diffuser and 12 wonderful oils and not only my manifestation routine absolutely take off, but my family was sleeping better and staying more well! Since I run this as a business I’d be happy to help you get started with your own account (doing business is not a requirement) Its like a Sam’s club or Costco membership- but for oils and plant based home goods. If you want info on that feel free to text me 731-203-1884. Make sure to tell me your name and if you’ve tried oils before.

Both of those businesses lead me into something new for me, which is personal coaching. If you read my words and felt like “WOW, I NEED her in my life! Feel free to email me or text me and tell me so and we’ll intuitively create the right container for you to elevate to the next level.

I’m Addison and I cant wait to help you see your own Fearless Brilliance one day, the way I see it in you now.

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