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You Are The Most Important Component In Your Business

The Lively Chronicles promises to bring you self help blogs on Tuesdays in an effort to help you stay aligned, focused and thriving. Today is no different as we address something that most Business Owners tend to forget about-

You guessed it “Me Time”

When we start our own businesses its usually for freedom, right? Then along the way we completely forget what that feels like because we are chained to a phone or computer. At least with a conventional job we had one “off day”. Anyone feeling me yet?

Not to worry, you are in good company here. Its important to realize, though, that YOU are the driving force and divine mastermind behind your business. If you work yourself to death, or into sickness and below the wellness line, then things will be ALOT worse off then they would be if you chose to schedule in a couple of afternoons completely unplugged from all technology.

Here is a list of ideas of things to do to tend to yourself, and we promise taking time to integrate these activities will not lead to your business crashing and burning.

  1. Minimum of 4 hours completely unplugged from all technology, even the TV.

  2. Taking a 45 minute walk in nature, and allowing your mind to quiet. Trust that everything that comes to your mind will be handled with grace and ease at another time.

  3. Take a bubble bath. Turn on some bianural beats (we like Spotify for these) and allow your attention to really sit in your body.

  4. Eat a meal slowly, without talking, without distractions, and savor every flavor in every bite.

  5. SCHEDULE IN breaks, and then actually take them…….

  6. Stand up at least once an hour and go outside for 5 minutes.

  7. Burn a favorite smudge herb to clear the energy between tasks.

  8. DON’T multitask. Choose one intentional item to work on at a time and take a five minute break between each task.

  9. Set alarms on your phone for throughout the day and take 3 minutes to breathe deeply, (The Calm App even has guided breathing and a timer)

  10. Tell people around you that you need a break, then allow them to support you.

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