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Take The Leap

For some, the idea of the planets having any effect on us seems silly and outlandish. Many more, though, are learning about energy and how we are all indeed connected.

Today being April 1st, We’re not here to fool ya. The next six weeks are wide open energetically for expansion, growth, and manifesting the circumstances in your life that you really want. There are 0 planets in retrograde, which means every bit of energy is in favor of forward momentum.

Want to start a Business? Take a trip? See Family?

We want to see you do it! It can feel scary, to embark on a journey that your soul is calling you to that might confuse others around you. It can feel really unnerving to know what you want and have to leave people and things behind to make it happen.

I promise though, and this is no joke, that if you Jump and follow your heart, Spirit will catch you.

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