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Searching For Self

Lively Chronicles is happy to not only bring you empowering stories from wonderful Female Business Owners but also articles to help you step into your personal power and align with your truth.

For just a moment, slow down, release the tension in your face and shoulders and breathe in deeply through your nose. Hold that breath in for eight seconds and then release it and feel the Joy that floods your body when you do so. This is a simple mindfulness practice that will help you to begin in the search within, to extract your truth and find the connection to your internal guidance system.

You are here to experience Joy, and to live a life that is playful, passionate, and divinely supported in abundance. We all are, that is our purpose as humans. Make sure to keep your eyes here on Tuesday’s for all types of self help tools, tricks, tips and ideas to connect you to your Self and help you on the path to your highest Truth.

-A. Culp

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