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Alignment in a Loud World

In this world there is constant Chaos and that is intentional. It’s there to keep us distracted form our souls purpose which is to align, uplift and explore our existence in our highest expression.

You’re here for two reasons. The first is because you are a spiritually guided business woman and the second because you support spiritually guided business women. Either way, this post is for you.

It may not be new to you that getting quiet and slowing down is the only way that we, as the people of this sisterhood (and support system), will be able to serve the collective in the ways that we are meant to. Are we carving out that time, though? Are we sitting in stillness and getting comfortable with the silence so that our souls can shine through and heal guide us?

This writer personally doesn’t enough, and so this message goes right to the heart of you, dear reader. From one Soul Guided Business Woman to another I ask that this week you slow down and turn off the noise. Breathe in the beauty of this very now moment, the divinity in all of it, the magic in all of it and embrace what it meant to be alive right now.

Allowing ourselves to live too much in the future of what we want to create can create lack and stall us from action. Allowing the past to weigh us down keeps us also from taking action.

So, sweet Soul. Sit in the stillness this week and claim a victory every single time you do, even if its only for 90 seconds.

You’re Worth It.

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