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A Spiritual Woman in Law

Lively Chronicles is honored to bring you into connection with Alyssa Johnson. She is a Spiritual Woman who is here to share her story in the alchemizing of old constructs into New. We are pleased to facilitate this space and bring to you Alyssa’s Story.

“Conscious lawyering is what I’m all about. What is that exactly? We don’t hear much – or anything – about conscious lawyering. Law is supposed to be secular, mind over heart, facts over feelings. In reality, humans are complex and deeply emotional. And thus law is also complex and deeply emotional.

I used to practice law in DC. It was an exhausting, all-consuming, unrewarding experience. In 2008, I started exploring spirituality because I believed that there had to be more to life than working 80 hours/week. As part of my spiritual growth, I started working with light beings including an angel named Ariel. In 2012, she came to me in a meditation and asked me to start channeling her, which means having her speak through me.

So I did. She and I now work together to help people expand their consciousness and experience more love. She brings through guidance for people from all walks of life who are in need of reassurance, support and love.

So what about conscious lawyering? When I left DC in 2013, I swore off law forever. But as I’ve done deep inner work over the past few years and continued my spirituality studies, my heart has opened up and I’ve been called to work with the legal profession again.

In a very different way this time. Now I’m focused on expanding consciousness within the legal profession. This means that I work with lawyers to help them tap into the wisdom of their hearts and act from that deeper place – rather than solely the cerebral place that we’re taught to practice from.

In my work with lawyers, I incorporate embodiment and integration tools so that lawyers learn how to listen to themselves more deeply, understand the inner messages they’re receiving, and learn how to integrate the information within their being.

Our hearts are a gateway into greater understanding of who we are – a connection to our Souls and expanded consciousnesses. When we tap into that connection point, we’re able to see and understand ourselves from a greater perspective. We can then make choices from a greater place of understanding.

Operating from this more expanded place can greatly shift how we practice law. We bring more empathy and compassion to the table. We see our clients as whole and capable and we understand that our role is to help all of the parties have a resolution that feels good.

Law is transformed from “winner takes all” to “win-win-win”. And we start to see that our role is one of great service, great change, great love. That rather than being seen as the enemy, we’re a key piece in helping transform lives. That we’re healers, not pain inflicters. That we’re creators, not destroyers.

It starts with lawyers who are listening to their inner calling to be a changemaker within the practice of law. It starts with the wisdom of heart consciousness.

And I help lawyers access that wisdom and act from that greater place.”

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